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Robert R. Lechich (Chair)

Bruce Eckman

Joseph Manfredi

James O’Brien

R.J. Palermo

Peter Solazzo

Our Mission is to provide financial assistance to qualified graduate and undergraduate students pursuing health science related degrees at accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States and its territories. The Fund will accomplish its mission by building a portfolio of endowed and unrestricted funds which will be used to fund scholarship awards and to facilitate cost effective functioning of the organization. The endowed portion of the fund will be invested judiciously to ensure asset security while assuring growth commensurate with current prudent investing.

The Fund will provide financial assistance in amounts as determined by the Trustees annually or as established to address special unique circumstances. Awards will be based on demonstrated merit combined with documented financial need. Selection of recipients will be without bias either directly or through appropriate and varied distribution channels as determined and approved by the Trustees.

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